Sample Disclosure – Accounting Policy Of Financial Guarantees Issued (7 January 2011)

Financial guarantees issued

Financial guarantees issued by the Company and those companies within the consolidated entity (“Group”) are recognised as financial liabilities at the date the guarantee is issued. Liabilities arising from financial guarantee contracts, including Company guarantees of subsidiaries through deeds of cross guarantee, are initially recognised at fair value and subsequently at the higher of the amount determined in accordance with the Group’s provisions accounting policy (please refer to Note XX) and the amount initially recognised less cumulative amortisation.

The fair value of the financial guarantee is determined by way of calculating the present value of the difference in net cash flows between the contractual payments under the debt instrument and the payments that would be required without the guarantee, or the estimated amount that would be payable to a third party for assuming the obligation.

Where guarantees in relation to loans or other payables of subsidiaries or associates are provided for no compensation, the fair values are accounted for as contributions and recognised as part of the cost of the investment in the financial statements of the Company.