Sample Disclosure – Intangible Assets (26 November 2008)

Intangible assets

i. Goodwill

Goodwill acquired in a business combination is initially measured at cost being the excess of the cost of business combination over the Group’s interest in the net fair value of the identifiable assets, liabilities and contingent liabilities. Following the initial recognition, goodwill is measured at cost less any accumulated impairment losses. Goodwill is not amortised but instead, it is reviewed for impairment, annually or more frequently if events or changes in circumstances indicate that the carrying value may be impaired. Gains and losses on the disposal of an entity include the carrying amount of goodwill relating to the entity sold.

ii. Product development expenditure

All research costs are recognised in the profit or loss as incurred.

Expenditure incurred on projects to develop new products is capitalised and deferred only when the Group can demonstrate the technical feasibility of completing the intangible asset so that it will be available for use or sale, its intention to complete and its ability to use or sell the asset, how the asset will generate future economic benefits, the availability of resources to complete the project and the ability to measure reliably the expenditure during the development. Product development expenditures which do not meet these criteria are expensed when incurred.

Development costs, considered to have finite useful lives, are stated at cost less any impairment losses and are amortised using the straight-line basis over the commercial lives of the underlying products not exceeding 3 years. Impairment is assessed whenever there is an indication of impairment and the amortisation period and method are also reviewed at least at each balance sheet date.